AH-FU 直燃加热机组

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AH-FU Direct gas-fired air makeup unit


加热量 :1,300KW




2.维护简单 :无需值守,休息时可关机,运行费用低,减少非生产能耗;

3.加热量大: 回暖速度快,温升高,与传统锅炉房相比,初期投资小,使用更简便;


5.箱体材料: 箱体面板材料为25mm(【选项】: 50mm)厚的保温板,中间填充玻璃纤维保温棉,A级不燃(【选项】: 聚氨酯发泡)。箱体缝隙,包角和接头应使用密封材料进行密封。保温层制作完毕后应保证保温材料没有暴露在气流中。机组面板与机组框架间采用5mm密封垫密封,密封性能良好;

Model: AH-FU Direct gas-fired air makeup unit

Heating amount:1,300KW

Function:Suitable for large space heating


1.The efficiency is high: the average heat efficiency is up to 95% (25% higher than the steam boiler efficiency);

2. Easy maintenance: it can be shut down when there is no need to use it, low operating costs, reduce non production energy consumption;

3. Large heating amount: fast heating speed, high temperature rise, it has a less cost in the initial investment compared with the traditional boiler room and the usage is more convenient;

4. The burner is direct combustion type, the combustion volume can be adjusted from 0~100% of total heating. The burner is made of cast iron, equipped with V type stainless steel air mixing plate with holes. The burners should be connected in parallel to meet the requirements of heat amount. Whenever the burner is running, the flame on the burner must cover the length of the whole burner. The maximum CO content produced by the combustion is low;

5. Cabinet material: box panel material is 25mm (option: 50mm) thick insulation board, filled with A-class glass fiber insulation cotton (option: polyurethane foam). Gap between panels, parts for covering corners and the joint should be sealed with the sealing material. The thermal insulation material in the insulation layer must be out of the flow. The 5mm seal gasket is adopted between the unit panel and the frame of the unit, providing good sealing performance and making sure no air leakage.

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